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Parent FAQ's
Why College Calm with Talya, LLC? 
I make sure that student's applications are individualized. This means feedback, essay ideas and applications are entirely unique for every student, which will aid in demonstrating their uniqueness to college admissions officers. I also pride myself in my ability to aid students in storytelling versus sounding like a car salesman in their application (as many essays do).

A major part of my advising is essay-focused, which is the most important aspect that a rising senior has control over in the college admissions process. It's usually the defining component for differentiating applicants in the admissions process and, because personal essay writing is not something students learn in English class, it can be very difficult to get the hang of writing the essays without guidance. 

I utilize my essay advising lens to make sure that the dots are connected throughout the application to build a cohesive narrative. 

I have presented webinars for my local library, Ohio State University Minority Collegiate Outreach & Support Team, and MIT MOSTEC (now known as MITES Semester).
Will the work actually be my child's?
Yes. All of the essay help is feedback, suggestion-based, or guided ideation. I believe the best essay topics that drastically strengthen a student's application are ones that reflect the student positively and that the student can personally talk at-length about.
What is the workflow? 
I primarily provide student's feedback on their essays using account-protected Google Docs in comment/suggestion mode. Students will also meet with me on Zoom calls to discuss the feedback, direction of the essay, application strategy, and build self-confidence so students can self-advocate in their application. Emergent questions/conversations can be communicated via email.  I will also email students opportunities that I specifically find to match the student's interests and needs to help bolster their application.

I offer one free consultation so that students and parents can ask me questions and get an idea of how my advising process works to see if it fits for you and your family's needs. 
How does payment work? 
There are multiple payment options for different family and student needs. There is what I like to call a "Piano Lesson Plan" where you can book a weekly Zoom session as needed to ideate & revise essays or to  work on other aspects of the college application: activities list, college list, scholarship list, teacher LORs, etc.  

Then, there are full-terms plans for college application support throughout a segment of the application cycle. These payment plans are ideal for students who want to work more than once a week on application prep and/or for an extended period of time.  It's important to note that a lot of parents and students underestimate the amount of time and work that goes into catering each and every section of your application to be the best it could possibly be to get into competitive schools. Generally, families who pay up front for a longer-term payment plan are self-motivated to perfect their student's application.

Currently, the available payment plans include Summer, Fall, Winter, or the Full Cycle (seasons determined by the Northern hemisphere). Prices will vary depending on the time of year due to my schedule and the ebb & flow of students who begin working on their college applications.
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